‘Totally unacceptable’ NHS staff must pay at Chichester car park

Writes Roger Keyworth, of Stockbridge Road, Chichester

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 2:49 pm
Chichester's Northgate car park. Photograph: Kate Shemilt/ ks16001181-4

A couple of weeks ago I thought that I had heard, what I sincerely hoped to be, a malicious rumour that the NHS Covid staff doing long hours of work of national importance in the Northgate car park were being charged to park their cars there.

Having, on Sunday, had my jab I gathered that this was not a rumour but was, in fact, true.

Some members of staff reported payment of around £6 per day.

I consider this to be totally unacceptable, in view of the national importance of their work, and frankly I am utterly disgusted that Chichester District Council should be enforcing any charge.

I urge CDC to take immediate action to ensure that these NHS staff are no longer required to pay, with the possibility of refunds being considered.

What do you think?