Make Up Tips with Louise Arram

ANTI-ageing strikes again at No7 with its new and improved Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum.

Launched last Wednesday nationally, there were once again queues around each corner.

I had the pleasure of being invited to Boots on Bognor High Street, for the champagne launch.

Bubbles were flowing nicely in the glass and I was then given the wonderful new product as a present (fabulous).

The company released two different types of advanced serums, one for the early signs of ageing, and the other for advanced signs of ageing (hence the name, I suppose),

Not to blind you all with science, Boots has now powered an ingredient called MATRIXYL 3000 Plus combined with a next generation peptide.

In other words, with these both combined, you will find the correct serum for your face which will work.

The age range starts from 25-35 and goes up to 60-plus, so ladies, there is no excuse for not wanting to do anything about those pesky wrinkles and uneven skin-tone!

After having a lovely chat with Rachel, a No7 consultant, I decided to leave the bubbles and chocolates and go home to try the New Advanced Serum.

Rachel advised me to use it in the morning and evening, to get the best use and the best results. You only need a small amount as a little does go a long way.

I’ve used mine around the eye area, or as we know it, crow’s feet!!

It does instantly give you a smoother appearance around the eye area, which is what I need.

So, if I’m right in thinking, I will see an amazing result within two weeks!

If you are still unconvinced after reading this, pop into Boots in Bognor Regis High Street, speak to Rachel or the other wonderful No7 consultants and they will advise you which of the new serums is correct for you.

Prices start from £23.95, and you can get three-for-two on skincare, my advice would be to go for the following: Protect and perfect Advanced Serum, Day Cream SPF15 UVA and Night Cream.