Meal times are an event

Chestnut Tree House hospice
Chestnut Tree House hospice

I have just sat with the staff, children and some families having lunch at Chestnut Tree House.

Meal times are an event in themselves! We had a young man who had eaten his lunch very quickly, so he could play with a toy car that was speaking to him! This provided much entertainment and produced the most beautiful of smiles.

A young girl was doing some craft work, as she is unable to eat by mouth, and I watched as she made a fridge magnet with the word love on it.

On another table there was a mother and her daughter, who had just spent a few days with us, so her parents could recharge their batteries safe in the knowledge their little girl was being care for by us.

There was also family who had come to the House so their child could enjoy a swimming session in our hydrotherapy pool.

Finally, a table was filled with a group of our wonderfully supportive volunteers, tucking in to a well-earned meal and chatting about the jobs they were going to be helping out with that afternoon.

As I sat and ate my lunch, watching all the different people who come into contact with Chestnut Tree House, I felt incredibly proud to be part of it myself.

Talking of lunchtime, we are thrilled that for the second year running our large cherry tree is bearing fruit!

Last year was the first year in our 10 year history the tree had produced fruit, so it is great that we can enjoy an array of cherry-flavoured treats again this summer.

Chestnut Tree House, in Dover Lane, Arundel, cares for over 280 children and young adults from 0-25 years of age with progressive life-limiting conditions.

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