MILLY LUXFORD: So long, farewell and a great big thank you for ten wonderful years...

I REALLY want to apologise if this comes across as a little self-indulgent, but after ten years working in West Sussex, I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible people and I would very much love to take an opportunity to thank some of them.

My life at Spirit FM has been an incredibly varied one, especially when it comes to charity endeavours... I have climbed a mountain dressed as Tinkerbell, run a marathon, rowed bathtubs down rivers, run 7k in seven countries in seven days, embarked on many charity road trips, jumped off piers… the list is endless.

So, I would like to start by thanking all the incredibly generous local businesses and people, especially Glyn Davies, for sponsoring me in my madcap schemes. I like to think that many charities have benefited from your help.

Equally, I would love to thank all the people who joined me in each adventure, special mentions to Sally Austin who got dragged along on many and Alan, Paul and my road trip family.

Rox music and arts festival will always hold fond memories. Crouchie and I would take a feed from the main stage, broadcast live and just hope for the best that none of the acts would potty mouth.

My ‘Unsigned’ show also meant I had the chance to interview and play music from amazing local musicians, including Tom Odell before he was famous.

I met some of the most inspirational people West Sussex has to offer, with thanks to our Local Hero awards where I was charged with telling the most humbling and touching stories. Sometimes I was lucky enough to even be part of their story like in the case of Chloe Humphrey.

I have had the privilege of meeting local troops out serving in Afghanistan, working with local legend Erik Jack, interviewing KEITH RICHARDS and making a friend in Major Steve Ansell (some could blame him for my move).

These people, famous or not by others’ standards, are proper legends in my eyes.

It really has been the people who have made this chapter of my life such an incredible one, so from the very bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you who have been part of it, but especially to my wonderful Spirit family…

Next week my radio husband Stuart McGinley takes the reins. Thank you and goodbye. xxx