On dealing with ‘product human’

Last week Vicky met with Brendon Cook, Managing director at Kiwi Recruitment to discover what his job is all about.

Where does the company’s name come from?

We started out with five names and I couldn’t decide, so I let my friends choose!

How did you get into recruitment?

I started out as a Chef and after 18 years moved over to Canada from New Zealand as Head of Food and Beverage of Cyprus Mountain. Then it was back to New Zealand to work on the Family Business and after a time we moved here to Chichester. I came into Recruitment by accident after going for a job interview for something else, but interviewer asked why I didn’t work in recruitment. So I did, and I found it interesting and exciting. Sadly, the office I was working in closed down and rather than move with the job, it was the catalyst to start my own agency.

What do you love about the job?

It is always changing; you are dealing with ‘product human’ which is unpredictable, so it is never dull and it’s fast paced, which I enjoy.

What is a typical day for you?

I start the day by liaising with our team of eight. I then spend some time reaching out to companies, as well as keeping in regular contact with our current clients. We have an open office so I’m always there to help the team.

How do you help businesses and individuals?

We pride ourselves on matching clients to great candidates, so that means taking time to understand what our client’s needs are and making sure that there’s a good team fit. We take time to meet with clients and to understand the team dynamics and culture of their company before we can place the right candidate. There is no point pushing someone into a job that a month down the line they aren’t going to enjoy. That doesn’t help the client or the candidate.

A little bird tells me that you made a fairy dramatic New Year’s resolution. Spill the beans, please!

Yes, a big New Year’s Resolution! I’m going to climb to Everest Base Camp for charity in November! Part of that will be getting fit and ready. I don’t want to have to turn around at the half-way point.

How do you relax?

One word: Barbecues! I love to relax by cooking and spending time with the family. There is nothing better than going home after a hard day’s work and spending time with the kids to forget all your other worries.

Tell me something about yourself that might surprise me.

I saved the life of the School Bully at Camp! I saved him from drowning after he fell out of his canoe – it turned out he couldn’t swim – and so I earned myself my own personal bodyguard. He was a big lad and no one messed with him. After I saved his life he made sure no one messed with me either!

Where can we find you?

Second Floor, 27-28 Southgate, Chichester PO19 1ES. 01243 782763 or www.kiwirecruitment.co.uk.