People aren’t being fined for littering outside of Chichester

I was appalled by your report ‘Litter fine from half a sweet wrapper’, Observer, March 14, where a criminal offence was allegedly committed by dropping a tiny piece of sweet wrapper.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 10:38 am
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 11:41 am

From previous similar reports of cigarette butt dropping being treated as a criminal offence, it seems that all these litter offences are picked up in Chichester.

Where is there any action outside the city where littering is a far more serious crime – misdirected effort and money?

My house has been surrounded by travellers on many occasions over the years, and there has never been any action taken at the time against those responsible for the mountains of litter which is left on their departure.

A council clear up team, at ratepayers’ expense, has to clear the rubbish, including human excrement, after they have departed.

At this moment I can barely get out of my gate because of parked caravans and vehicles, and the footpath is completely blocked with rubbish.

It is obvious that some form of garden work is being carried out as there is an increasing pile of tree cuttings being dumped in the ditch which drains my property, and another vehicle load is waiting to unload.

To add insult, a pile of rubbish bags has been stacked around the notice advising of legal proceedings, which they will no doubt ignore.

This isn’t fly-tipping, it is blatant disregard for the law in full view of the authorities.

I hope a court order will shortly cause these litter louts to move on, and our rates will again be wasted on yet another clear up operation.

Despite the council and the police being aware of this appalling behaviour absolutely nothing is ever done to apprehend the obvious litter louts while they are in the process of actually dumping rubbish.

Why aren’t these environmental ‘officers’ called out immediately to do something worthwhile which would actually save the ratepayers a significant amount?

RCG Brodie, Main Road, Bosham