PHIL PACKER 2012 Miles...By working together, we can improve youths’ lives

The constant support from Schools, Colleges and Universities to the BRIT 2012 Challenge has been fantastic. Locally, our own Chichester College has taken on the role of identifying the locations for me to walk around Great Britain and Northern Ireland. What is great about this is that young people are deciding where I will walk and are an integral part of the planning for the challenge.

It has also been a real boost to receive so much support and goodwill from our Chichester and wider West Sussex community.

In addition to support from the Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex, the Duchess of Richmond and Gordon, Lord March, the Dean of Chichester Cathedral, Chairman of West Sussex County Council and West Sussex Fire & rescue Service, the University of Chichester are now becoming involved in long-term support.

Quite a few students have indicated they want to volunteer. Not only does this help BRIT, as there is only one paid member of staff, but the students get a benefit beyond the feel good aspect of helping others.

As we all know in today’s tough economic times it is hard for students to get their foot in the door. Work experience, or in this case, volunteer internships, gives students the opportunity to take what they have learned at university and combine that with real world work experience.

They expand and strengthen their skill set, helping to make them more employable.

I am grateful to the students at the University of Chichester that want to help out and the other universities around the UK that have expressed an interest in their students volunteering.

I truly believe that by working together we can change the lives of our young people for the better.

I am now concentrating on the East of England and will be walking there the rest of the month. Every day the Challenge continues to grow and the support I am receiving is sincerely appreciated.

For more information, the website is updated daily at or you can follow me on Twitter @PhilPacker and Facebook at BRITInspiration 1,384 miles to go!

My very best wishes,