RICHARD WILLIAMSON Chichester Cathedral Peregrines...The young peregrines are growing rapidly thanks to father

The four young peregrines in the cathedral tower are growing rapidly thanks to father. This week he brought in seven starlings in three and a half hours. His four children were so stuffed they fell asleep in a heap allowing mum and dad two hours to themselves.

The parents had a lovely two hours together up in the sky over the city free-wheeling around in wide circles letting off steam.

The next day father brought in a magpie and what RSPB staff think was a sparrowhawk. The long tail of the hawk gave a reasonably certain identification.

One of the previous children of this famous pair has set up home with her partner on Norwich cathedral, half way up the spire. Three young have been hatched there, starting yet another dynasty of the peregrine family 200 miles from Chichester.

Meanwhile our pair still have to fight off intruders. This week the tiercel (male) attacked a buzzard as it flew by the spire. The bigger raptor turned over on its back, held out its claws, and more or less said: “Clear off or you’ll get these in your face.”

It is a hard world out there but they are survivors.