RICHARD WILLIAMSON Country Walk...Angmering Park

Take A27 until well past Arundel, turn left at The Dover car park, TQ061065. Pleasant and easy flat walk of 2.5 miles (4kms). Exit car park, turning right up metalled road, through open gateway and bear right on road; trees on either side, strip cleared on right-hand side, beyond tall thin mixed woodland (chestnut, birch, ash), on left, hedgerow (hazel, ash etc) fields beyond: wayside flowers (gipsy’s lace, red campion).

At crossroad keep straight on blue PBW sign into dirt track past Southern Water works sheds and shaded woodland track. Some larch on right and other firs (western red cedar) mixed in, hedge on left (elder, horse chestnut, one largish oak). At gate and crossways continue straight across (PBW blue sign) – to avoid rutted bridle way can use narrow inner path on left-hand side. After a bit, open field with barley on right, view of roofs on far side nestling in dip. A hollow with fallen tree – good habitat for birds with holly trees; track opens, arable field on left has flax which will be lovely when in flower. Large patch of red campion, gipsy’s lace, nettles – sycamores right, occasional spindle, hawthorn, elder, hazel.

At end of left-hand field where blue PBW track comes in from right, keep on bearing left on blue PBW track. On corner old stag-headed oak and then field maple. On right douglas firs, mixed woodland, including beech. At crossroads where tall douglas firs in front, turn left (west) onto yellow FP path and over low rail to skirt flax field on left and woodland on right. Fallen mature grey beech trunks cut into two lengths looking like fossilised elephants making sunny glade and nice place to sit and rest, contemplate the view and eat snack if wished. A young yew tree growing here and single scots pine. Main wood behind is beech. Low edge growth good with blackthorn, spindle, wayfaring tree, with further large mature beeches here and there. Listen out for woodpecker drumming.

Continue along field/wood edge (track comes in from right): new cut hedge on right (field behind) with young blackthorn growth, wild roses, field bindweed, beech, oak, privet, elder and single plant of copper beech. Where gap in hedge, little copse of elder, bramble, black bryony (heart-shaped leaves), white bryony (indented leaves): good for insects and birds. At FP crossway keep straight on down slope and another flax field on left: good varied hedge, note bladder campion, dogwood, hawthorn, elder, comfrey, white bryony, wild roses, jack-go-to-bed-at-noon, crosswort etc.

At private road cross and continue along post and rail fenced path, meadows either side. Magpies, crows, buzzards, woodpecker drumming ahead.

At end of meadow bear right on FP sign into wood and then left at yellow arrow. You are now skirting shooting range: very loud bangs if in use. Go past unusual tall three-storey house with brick buttresses, turning left at T junction onto blue BW wide track.

At junction keep left on main path past Southern Water pump station on right. Glimpse of decayed tree stump looking like statue in narrow meadow on right, woodland beyond. Passing house where cockerels crowing and hens free range in paddock, bear left on same track, hay meadow on left, hedgerow to right with a few mature sycamore and lime trees. Emerging at (original) corner, go straight ahead, through open gate barrier and left back into car park. When leaving you have to turn left (east) at A27, go up to roundabout then retrace back down A27 for Chichester, in Alvis still going merrily after 64 years: just like the old Morris did.