Seeking Fitness with Sheena Campbell

AS regular readers will know, last month I decided to take on a challenge to get fit in time for Christmas.

So, one month in, how is it going?

Well, the dreaded fitness tests have now taken place and, luckily for me, were nothing like the fear-inducing bleep tests of my school days.

The results were surprisingly positive given my complete lack of exercise over the last six years.

After around 15 minutes on a treadmill with a heart monitor strapped to my chest my overall cardiovascular fitness was declared ‘good’.

I was also slightly above average for someone of my age which was shocking and makes me worry slightly for my peers.

Unfortunately, this means my trainer Jason has taken it upon himself to increase my fitness to ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ which means two new structured workouts.

Initially, I was a bit daunted but, and I can barely believe I am writing this, I find myself enjoying them – even more so when I meet or exceed my targets.

If any of my old PE teachers could read this they would probably be keeling over in shock right about now.

One of the most interesting aspects of the fitness test, however, was my body scan.

A very clever machine called a body composition analyser was able to produce a list of results including my percentage body fat, muscle mass and hydration levels.

Having been a bit of a science geek at school I found the level of information produced fascinating.

Initially shocked by my 24 per cent fat result, I was reassured when Jason said this was safely in the normal zone.

The target now is to reduce that percentage slightly while upping my muscle mass rather than losing weight.

My personal favourite though was the metabolic age result of 18 – I may have cheered out loud.

Jason has also measured my hips, waist and upper arms as these are my target areas ready for that Christmas party dress.

Hopefully, the next time all these measurements are taken we will see an improvement – fingers crossed.

So, almost a third of the way through and feeling good.

Next up – training sessions with Jason there to urge me on, gulp!

I might have to go to the gym again once I’ve finished writing this so I don’t make a show of myself!