SHERRY GEWITZKE: Summer solstice blessings to you all

As we approach the mid month of July, our planet of love & relationships, Venus goes into retrograde.

Most keen astrologists are aware of our planet Mercury going into retrograde & it having a negative affect, some even avoid travel & big career decisions until it changes its course.

In fact, most of the main planets do go retrograde and not all with a negative impact.

The effects of Venus traveling backwards may have a profound effect on our love lives. We may encounter past ‘flames’ reappearing in order to teach us something or to rekindle, or enabling ourselves to burying the hatchet. Hatchets were buried by the chiefs of tribes when they came to a peace agreement. As the old saying goes thus allowing us to understand a deeper meaning of our emotional & behavioural patterns and letting go, so we can grow to make amends & stand true to who we are & what we wish for.

With our moon about to enter Aquarius we become more analytical about our feelings, possibly not trusting emotions quite so readily as the planet that rules Aquarius is the powerful Uranus, which has independent & rebellious qualities, solidarity, strength & wisdom being some of its prevailing traits.

With all these heady astrological mixes I felt compelled to reveal how magical this time of the year can be with our sun in its zenith and a magical blue moon on the 31st July. Summer known as ‘Litha’, meaning mid summer, raises our energy levels and in turn our consciousness.

The cool evenings allow us to reflect & recharge.

I’d like to pass on a simple but effective way of destressing to cast out the old habits & allowing in the new. With the end of the month approaching and ideally on the blue moon 31st of July itself, take a trip to the beach when the crowds have gone. Pick up a stone & centre your thoughts / feelings which are crowding your mind with negativity, then concentrate them into the stone & cast it away to the sea.

Please make sure the coast is clear.

Shine bright,



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