STUART McGINLEY: Hoarding the carrier bags to avoid charge

SO have you been hoarding more carrier bags since the 5p charge has come into force, or like me, have you just kept on forgetting?!

Hearing some of the headlines this story has attracted over the past couple of weeks, it seems some of us have lost the plot entirely!

There have been reports of customers demanding to speak to store managers and refusing to pay for goods and Tesco shopping baskets have been vanishing out of stores faster than some X-Factor careers.

This has resulted in some baskets now being fitted with security tags to prevent theft, and all this to save 5p!

Although, I must admit I did refuse to pay for one the other day when I was in my corner shop. I had bought more items than planned, but was determined to get back to the car with goods intact and with my wallet still containing my beloved 5p.

I must have looked like someone on the 80s’ kids TV show Crackerjack, with everything delicately stacked up in my arms as I manoeuvred my way back to the car.But the feeling of accomplishment was pretty good.

Of course there is a serious message here and that is to try to get us all to recycle more and remember to take our bags for life out with us. It might take me some time, but perhaps it just might work.

It is worth remembering that in most cases the money generated from the charge will go to charity and the stores won’t be beefing up their profits.

I need to count how many plastic carrier bags I have in the cupboard under the sink, (the same one you have no doubt) as I could probably make a few quid by flogging them off!

Finally, this week I just want to say good luck to all those taking part in the Great South Run this Sunday in Portsmouth. My partner has been training for this for months now and the nerves are starting to build.

With the clocks going back, at least you will get an extra hour in bed to try to get some rest before the early start!