STUART McGINLEY: Migrant issue needs to be dealt with at source

One of the images I will remember about this summer will be the miles and miles of parked lorries on the M20 in Kent and the images from the migrant village called ‘The Jungle’ in Calais.

Hearing some of the personal stories from the migrants in France as to why they want to come to the UK is genuinely moving, but it’s clear some are just targeting us because we are seen as a ‘soft touch’.

I also feel sorry for the people living in Kent who have to put up with the constant traffic jams due to operation stack being implemented on the M20.

We heard on Spirit FM this week from the owner of a local haulage company in Bognor Regis telling us how his business was being badly affected by the delays getting across into France, the cost to both economies is now really starting to add up.

I personally think David Cameron’s approach to help secure the fences and increase security personnel is like putting a

small plaster on a very large wound, we need to deal with the problem at source or it just won’t be resolved.

Why are the migrants targeting the UK?

Some think we have streets paved with gold with a very generous benefits system, and the truth is this isn’t the case and at least the government is now working to plug any gaps in the benefits system to stop this being unfairly exploited.

It’s also worth noting that some other EU countries like Germany receive a lot more asylum applications than the UK so perhaps we shouldn’t lose perspective here either.

Of course there are genuine cases for people wanting to come to the UK and we should try to help asylum seekers trying to escape their home countries because of persecution or if they fear for their lives, but the French also need to get a grip of the situation and take control too.

I discovered the other day that when the channel tunnel was built, France agreed to have border control in Calais, so if our government doesn’t appear to be too critical of the French, then perhaps we know why.

Imagine the situation if control of our borders was moved to Kent?

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