The car cake which almost drove me to distraction... but I made it!

When it comes to cake it is rare I’ll say I have too much on my plate.

But when it comes to making cake, I may have bitten off more than I can chew with my latest project.

I have made a couple of cakes for family. One shaped like a block of edam with sugar mice for a cheese fan.

And another which was a Marmite jar made from chocolate sponge.

So when I got my first commission, 
I was very excited. Perhaps too excited as I can’t have listened too closely to the details. A Ford Focus, 2003 model, 1.4-litre with three doors in cake, 
you say? That is fine. Next week? Shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll just stack the sponges and carve them, I thought naively. Fifteen eggs and 30 ounces of sugar, butter and flour later I began to question my sanity.

I found myself sitting in traffic jams and turning the car in front of me to cake in my mind. Bumpers created in piping and brake lights looking delicious.

Only having a mini panic every time I thought of another challenge, like wheel arches or wing mirrors.

Then it was the night before collection. And everything decided to go wrong. So when the silver icing began to crumble in my hands, I crumpled too.

But having washed my face and vented my frustrations I dusted my hands with icing sugar and got stuck in. I created the cake after all. I wasn’t going to let it win.

A late night later I was so relieved to see something that looked like a car parked in my kitchen.

There were smiles all round when it drove off with its new owner, and when he said ‘I’ll think of you next time we need one’, I found myself saying ‘looking forward to it’.

And I am. I am glad I pushed myself.

Sure, some might say it is only cake, but for me it was my mountain to climb.

After all a challenge that you can 
eat afterwards has to be the best challenge of all.