West Sussex County Council's actions are worthy of a Charles Dickens novel

Had Charles Dickens been alive today I wonder if he would have written a book using the 15th November edition of the Observer as base material.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 9:54 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 12:27 pm
Charles Dickens

If he did, he would be amazed to see an image of Louise Goldsmith, the county council leader prowling the streets of her beloved Chichester making questionable gestures.

He would learn of the Foodbank reporting an increased usage of 36 per cent as a result of Government ‘savings’.

He would marvel at the county council’s decision to stop funding a housing association set up to prevent homelessness.

He would be puzzled by the county council’s decision to use the services of consultants Price Waterhouse Cooper to ‘transform’ services when their results are questionable.

The county council has an abysmal track record when outsourcing services to Capita, ATOS etc and are strangely silent when they have to bring them back ‘in house’.

He would have been mystified by the need to employ, at great expense to us poor taxpayers, yet another chief executive. Is he the 4th in Ms Goldsmith’s tenure?

No doubt he was extended a welcome handshake, assistance with moving house, a generous salary and assured that he will receive a hefty farewell pot when he leaves as he will.

Would it not make more sense, something the majority of councillors lack, to use the £4.6 million on those residents who need support and make sure that Mr Elvery totally fulfils his job description?

As Tiny Tim should have said ‘God help us all’.

Peter Harrison, Songthrush Lane, Barnham