YOUTH MATTERS Charlotte Johnson...Holidays abroad are not gaining any currency in terms of value

With many looking forward to the upcoming summer, travel agencies are becoming typically packed with families hoping to get a good deal for a week away in the sun.

I, like many, booked my summer getaway in the early weeks in January.

But before getting too excited about the deal I received, I reminded myself of the total expense of my upcoming holiday.

With the conversion rate of euro to pounds dropping, the price of eating, drinking and even getting around has gone up, nearly matching the British pound.

This has left a section of the population considering whether the price of a week abroad is entirely necessary.

Would it not be cheaper to spend a week at home?

With the increase of many tempting to brave the famous British weather, families are considering the idea of a humble week off either camping or relaxing at home.

Many staying at home are left considering the possibilities of museums with the family and restaurants with friends, while those packing for their holiday are preparing themselves for the harsh prices of the current euro.

From looking at the plans of those staying at home I can see the benefits, especially when living in such a lively area.

This has left me thinking whether the deal I received for my two weeks abroad was of great value and like many, should I have saved my pennies and stayed at home?