Orchestra Europa, Chichester Cathedral.

With an orchestra formed in 2006 of young players from music colleges, a twenty -six year old conductor and a recent Young Musician of the Year soloist, we knew that this would be a concert full of zest and youthful excitement.

The young musicians of Orchestra Europa certainly exceeded all expectations for their daring dazzling performance and musicianship under their dynamic conductor, Scott Ellaway.

With amazing mastery, Nicola Benedetti gave a brilliant performance of one of the top three violin concertos – Tchaikovsky concerto in D. Major which is packed with enchanting melodies.

She firmly established the haunting and dominant polonaise theme in the allegro. After an exquisitely beautiful andante, the wonderful polonaise returns in the brilliant finale. The soloist, conductor and orchestra race to the end - fortunately it was a tie confirming how ideal the partnership was.

The orchestra immediately established the excitement and drama of Franz Schubert's Symphony No.9 in C major, The Great.

The strings masterfully developed the memorable themes which were taken by the brass and woodwind sections. This was an exemplary performance with sustained driving energy capturing the atmosphere of this mighty work.

Graham Hewitt