Our pleas are being ignored, says blood crisis victim from Southbourne

A Southbourne man has called for MP Andrew Tyrie’s ‘unerring support’ because he said thousands of people suffering with life-threatening illnesses are being ignored by the government.

Father-of-three Andy Jacobs, 44, is a haemophiliac who became infected with hepatitis C when he was 13 years old, after being given a blood product from the US.

He said the government ignored warnings about importing blood from America that was taken from prostitutes, drug addicts and other high-risk groups.

There are now said to be around 5,000 people living in the UK left with life-threatening conditions such as HIV and Hepatitis C after they were given the contaminated blood in the 70s and early 80s. Mr Jacobs has set up a new website to help those affected.

“The 5,000 people are diminishing year on year. They’re dying because the government ignored warning after warning,” he said.

“I’m not some crazy conspiracy theorist. Evidence in the Archer Enquiry backs up what I’ve said. Letters exist using the terms that I’ve laid out here.

“So why are we being denied a full public enquiry? Why are we being denied compensation? Why is the public servant who represents me in parliament ignoring me?”

Mr Jacobs, of Second Avenue, said he was growing disillusioned by Mr Tyrie. He sent two messages to Mr Tyrie through WriteToThem to ask for an update on his supportive activities.

However Mr Tyrie’s researcher Val Crawford said: “Unfortunately no one gets a next-day response. The government standard is to respond within 21 days, but we hope to get back to Mr Tyrie in the next few days.”

Mr Jacobs added: “I want Andrew Tyrie’s unerring support over this. If he can’t back one of his constituents who is part of a 5,000 strong group then he is useless to me and I want people to know it.”

Mr Jacobs’ new website can be found at http://www.cbcuk.org.uk