Parking causing chaos in Chichester street

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A new neighbourhood group is launching a campaign against the volume of parked cars on a residential street.

Swanfield Park Residents Neighbourhood Group (SPRING) have raised concerns about the level of parked cars along Swanfield Drive.

The group, set up in February, has expressed concerns to West Sussex County Council about pedestrians’ views being obstructed as a result of the level of parked cars along the street.

Edith Clear, 67, secretary of SPRING, said: “We are very frustrated – it is pure selfishness and ignorance on the part of the people parking. They lock their cars up and are not aware of the chaos they are causing throughout the day.”

Edith added: “People are getting so frustrated with traffic they just take chances, there have been several near-accidents involving residents on the roundabout.

“We are told there are going to be double yellow lines but by that time, there is a possibility someone is going to have a nasty accident.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “We are aware of the issues on this particular part of the road and have included an extension of double yellow lines as part of draft plans for an extended Controlled Parking Zone in the area. It is hoped an informal consultation on the plans could commence in the next couple of months.”

The parking on Swanfield Drive has also raised concerns about access for public transport.

Andrew Dyer, managing director of Stagecoach South, said: “Buses should not have to go up on the pavement and grass verges to get through. It is a serious problem, but we are very pleased the county council is being supportive and are talking about parking restrictions on Swanfield Drive.”

Edith and six to ten members of the newly-established group are planning on moving forward with this issue, and want to see action to solve the problem.

Ward councillor Andrew Smith said: “It is very frustrating that the procedures for correcting and addressing the problem are so time-consuming, the solution is to put down some double yellow lines but to do that, the county council has to issue a Traffic Regulation Order. Unfortunately there is a legal process involved which always takes time. I have had quite a few representatives from residents in the area and I share their frustration.”

In last week’s Observer we reported on the frustration of residents on Lennox Road, near St Richard’s Hospital, with people, including hospital staff parking, along the road. Jennie Shore, deputy director of human resources at the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We cannot determine where staff park outside the hospital, but we would hope they treat our neighbours with consideration, and in the past we have asked them to be sensitive to the needs of local residents who live around the hospital.”

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