Parking permit woes for Chichester chippy

Andy Marcou, who runs Andy's Fish Bar in St Pancras, Chichester
Andy Marcou, who runs Andy's Fish Bar in St Pancras, Chichester

A SMALL business owner is worried about the future of his fish and chip shop.

Andy Marcou, of Andy’s Fish Bar in St Pancras, Chichester, has concerns the introduction of controlled parking zones in Chichester will affect his livelihood.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said a new CPZ is due to go live in St Pancras by the end of March.

But Mr Marcou said he is doubtful he will be able to get a permit to park outside his shop.

“I’m not a resident so I won’t be allowed to have a residents’ permit,” he said.

“I don’t understand what they intend to do for business owners. We already pay our business rates and our rent.

“I’m not going to be able to drive to work if I can’t get a permit. I have no idea how I’m going to be able to unload, get my groceries in and run my business.”

Mr Marcou said he has already been forced to park in neighbours’ driveways because of the number of city workers parking on the streets.

“It makes sense for them but there’s no room for me. At least look after your small businesses.”

He said he has also been ‘unfairly’ awarded parking tickets for parking in the limited waiting bays. “I’m fed up with getting parking tickets. I can’t park outside my shop because of all the other cars.

“The paper work they send you if you want to appeal a parking ticket is so ridiculous, it’s so complicated so you just end up paying it. It’s so much effort and I’m just trying to make a living.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said they aware of Mr Marcou’s concerns, after he contacted Chichester District Council.

“We will shortly be asking residents in the area to apply for permits if they need them,” said the spokesman. “We have already advised Chichester District Council to keep us informed of the resident uptake of permits in the area and if there is spare capacity, we can certainly issue a non-residents permit to this business owner as we appreciate there are no car parks nearby.”

A non resident permit will cost £225 per year.

The council said local workers are expected to use the off-street car parks or park elsewhere. “In the case of St Pancras, we have also increased the provision of short-stay parking, meaning that more people will be able to visit the businesses in the area,” said the spokesman.

However Mr Marcou doubts there will be any space available. “There is no forseeable solution,” he said.