Parking ticket for woman visiting her sick dad in Chichester

The lifeboat from Selsey positioning itself alongside the Eridan
The lifeboat from Selsey positioning itself alongside the Eridan

A woman says she ‘could cry’ after being hit by a parking fine while visiting her terminally ill father.

Paula Parker claims her family are suffering a ‘nightmare’ in having to arrange parking vouchers for themselves and daily carers.

Paula’s 84-year-old father lives in Green Lane, Chichester, where resident permits are needed to park.

She said: “I stayed overnight, as I often do to be with dad, and just forgot to do the voucher in the morning.

“I was 45 minutes late and found the ticket. I could cry, I just don’t need this.

She said: “I rang the council but no one would speak to me, all they said was I’d have to write and appeal. I just don’t need the aggravation while my father is dying of cancer.”

She added: “There’s five of us children who all visit, as well as carers three times a day, and it’s constant hassle trying to remember vouchers for everyone.

“It costs dad £1.40 a day for people to park and I don’t think that’s right. We have tried to get concessions because of his illness but they won’t budge, it’s a nightmare scenario.

“I’m so fed up.”

Paula’s sister was also handed a £35 fine on the same road around two months ago.

Laura Gray said: “I had a voucher but I’d got the date and time the wrong way round. “It was such a small mistake and I was only there for 15 minutes. I put the voucher there at 10.59 and had a ticket by 11.15am.

“I went straight down there and appealed and they did let me off, but that’s not the point.”

She added: “It’s a palava to get the vouchers anyway, we have to go to the council offices with dad’s bank statement and proof of ID, and then use his money to pay £17 for two weeks worth of vouchers.

“It causes us a daily trauma. If you stay for over two hours you panic about it. We should be worrying about our dad, not about blooming parking.”

A spokesperson for Chichester District Council said: “Green Lane is part of the Controlled Parking Zone in Chichester.

“Carers’ permits can be issued to residents receiving care who live within the Controlled Parking Zones.

“The permit is issued to the resident of the property and can then be passed to the carer whilst they are providing domiciliary care.

“Civil Enforcement Officers will issue a Penalty Charge Notice to a vehicle where a contravention is considered to have occurred and there is a right of appeal as part of the process.”