24 Elf on the Shelf and other Christmas elf ideas

Here are some amusing ideas for your naughty elves this Christmas which are sure to make your children laugh.

Tuesday, 15th December 2020, 5:04 pm
Wow, this really is a naughty elf, cutting up this boy's pyjamas. Thank you to Aimi Gillard from Littlehampton

Here is the pick of our favourite ones sent in by Sussex readers, ranging from isolating elves (well done to those parents who gave themselves some time off from having to think of any more ideas) to some insane and labour intensive ideas such as a kitchen filled with popcorn.

Karah Mew from Chichester sent in this one - looks like her elf got a bit carried away painting.
Katie Esfahani from Littlehampton sent in this one of her elf causing mischief in the bathroom by wrapping everything up
Leanne Cassidy sent in this one of the elves enjoying a hot tub party, getting drunk on cherry brandy and one throwing up!
Thank you to Lorna Byles from Wisborough Green for this idea.
Let's hope no one needed the toilet in the middle of the night! Thank you to Lottie Sage from Littlehampton for sharing this.
Sam Frankson from Crawley sent in this picture of the elves taking revenge on the carrots (hopefully not Kevin the Carrot)
This reminds us of an office party! Sarah Hatton from Felpham shared this one.
Poor Humpty Dumpty...thank you to Sarah Craske from Hastings for this idea.
Thank you to Steve Wallace from Hastings for sharing this idea.
Tracey Harriman from Littlehampton sent in this picture of her elf tucking into the chocolates
The elves have been busy wrapping up all the electronic devices in Zoé Pannett's Worthing home
Zoe Parfoot from Bognor sent in this picture
Anna Squirrell from Littlehampton sent in this one.
Chelsea Vanessa Lonadi from Hastings sent in this one
This made us laugh so much - wonder what the child thought when they saw this?! Ashleighh Charmaine from Littlehampton.
The elves at Becky Cowen's home in Worthing seem to be enjoying their sledge
The cat looks like it is enjoying the elves' handiwork! Anna Squirrell from Littlehampton sent in this one.
Jasmine Crowter in Hastings shared this elf idea
Emma Pledger from Chichester has the right idea - isolation for a couple of weeks....
This naughty elf clearly does not know how to use the toilet. Sent in by Emma Pugh from Hastings
Thank you to Emma Yilmaz from Bognor for this picture
We have seen quite a few of these toast ideas! This one is from Giuliana Lees in Eastbourne
Hot chocolate pool party?! Thank you to Jodi Gatti in Hastings for sending this in - wonder how long it took to clean this up!
Think the elves went a little popcorn crazy here, with the floor a sea of popcorn. Thank you to Jodi Gatti in Hastings for sharing this.