Action week to tackle inconsiderate driving

Westgate anti-speeding campaign July 2018. Contributed
Westgate anti-speeding campaign July 2018. Contributed

Residents in Westgate are holding a week of action to challenge speeding and inconsiderate driving through the area.

The Westgate Residents Association plans to gather on the streets to raise awareness of their community and put up ‘20s Plenty’ posters to encourage drivers to slow down and avoid using Westgate as a shortcut.

Association chairman Richard Brownfield said: “We are a very close-knit community who love living, working or going to school in our part of this beautiful city.

“And so we are all upset when any of the residents, especially the very young or elderly, are badly affected by dangerously fast driving, people taking anti-social shortcuts to the A27, cycling on pavements, ‘knock and runs’ and so on.

“That’s why we have decided to pull together to try and raise awareness of the impact this kind of behaviour can have.”

The WGRA said the group had also reached out to nearby businesses, schools and Chichester College to encourage them to support the campaign.

Following the action week, the community intends to go further and has already undertaken Community Speedwatch training in preparation for local action to identify and alert speedsters on the street.