Bognor music group calling on young musicians to perform hopeful new song

A Bognor Regis music group is calling on young musicians of all skill levels to help record a hopeful new song that celebrates the end of lockdown.

Friday, 18th June 2021, 2:14 pm
Updated Friday, 18th June 2021, 2:59 pm

“It’s a very uplifting song. It’s about not giving up, it says things might be a little bit sad but, if we keep pushing together, we can go higher and higher,”- so says Kez Bridger founder of Bognorphenia a music group which has put out a call for young musicians to perform a new song called ‘Higher and Higher’ at next year’s Our Generation Young People’s Day.

The group is asking vocalists, bassists, drummers and brass players aged between 11-25 to step up and flex their musical muscles for the song, which may even be released on CD.

“We want it to make a big impact- not just for us, but for them. We want to give them the opportunity to go and record this song so they get an idea of what record production is like. We’re also hoping we might be able to get it out on discs and, if people want to buy it, the money would go to the music project.”

The Community Interest Company is looking for young people to perform their new song 'Higher and Higher'. Photo by Steve Flynn.
The Community Interest Company is looking for young people to perform their new song 'Higher and Higher'. Photo by Steve Flynn.

Ms Bridger is keen to emphasise that all young musicians- no matter how confident or experienced - are welcome to take part.

“I think if they’re novices it doesn’t really matter. We have the ability to teach somebody who wanted to play drums, for example. Obviously we can only really have one drummer but you can take the vocals as far as you want. So we’re not putting a limit on that at the moment. I think people of all abilities should be able to come and join us. I don’t want to exclude anyone, I want to make sure everyone is included.”

More important than learning musical and performance skills, though, is fun. Ms Bridger says her main priority is making sure the young people who take part enjoy themselves.

“They’ve got to really enjoy it. I want them to feel excitement for what they’re achieving. Because, after all, we can provide them with a platform, but it’s their work. So when they have their final performance, what I find with young people is, they’re so excited to have done it. It really empowers them. It really gives them confidence and that’s what the end result of this is about.”

‘Higher and Higher’ was penned by Portsmouth singer-songwriter Davey Anscombe, who has supported the Bognorphenia project from the very beginning. A member of the Portsmouth-based band Rough cut, Ms Bridger said he has worked with the charity to move it’s lessons online and bring them music project to as many people as possible.”He’s been a massive help to me,” ms Bridger said “I’d have been lost without him and, between the two of us, we’ve managed to get the whole porject online.”

Bognorphenia is a community interest company which hosts regular live music events and supports young people aged 11-25 with free music lessons, workshops and inclusive activities. To find out more about the project, email [email protected] or call 07156 719289. To make the most of Bognorphenia’s online music lessons, click here.