Chichester Armistice commemoration: Priory Park to hold service of remembrance

Priory Park will be holding a short service on Remembrance Sunday at 10am.

Friday, 9th November 2018, 3:38 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 1:45 pm
Trudy Redfern will exhibit a full-size drift wood sculpture of a horse to honour their spirit and bravery in the war. Picture by J.N.Visuals

Cllr Richard Plowman, who recently stepped down as chairman of Friends of Priory Park, said the service will be held at the base of the poppies in Priory Park, which were made for Priory Park 100 and cascading over the mound have become an attraction in the park.

Richard added: "After the wonderful Priory Park 100 drumhead service, we all thought this would be a good way to mark Armistice Day as Priory Park was given to the people as a war memorial as well as a place of recreation.

"All are welcome to this short two minute silence and eulogy of 'We will remember them'."

Vincent Gray (left) with his sculpture of local WW1 soldier Maurice Patten, pictured with Dave Tilley of the Royal Sussex Regiment Association. Picture contributed

Chichester sculptor Vincent Gray, will be modelling his life-size in clay Maurice Patten, who joined the Royal Sussex Regiment in Chichester and died of his wounds at the start of 1916. (pictured).

This sculpture was exhibited at the Mayor’s Oxmarket exhibition, as was Trudy Redfern's full size drift wood sculpture of a horse (pictured), which will be on display at the park on Sunday.

Trudy said: "My full-size driftwood horse will be on display at the above on 11/11th to honour the spirit and bravery of the horse and the sacrifice made by horses in the war.

"I decided I would build a life-size horse made entirely from driftwood. I have always loved and owned horses so I thought a sculpture made solely from re-cycled natural material would be the perfect thing to celebrate the horse. I had been collecting driftwood for about two years."

PrioryPark poppies,madeforPrioryPark100, and cascading over the mound have become an attraction in the park. Picture contributed

Trudy said she had previously made 'life-size driftwood horse-heads', with the first created in memory of her own horse.

She added: "I wanted something life-size and tactile. Subsequently my two following horse-heads were chosen by David Shepherd and the Wildlife foundation as their favourite sculpture, and featured in their advertising campaign.

"My aim is to have it cast in bronze so that people can enjoy it for years to come."