Chichester embraces Plastic Free Month

Chichester will be playing its part in July’s WI Plastic Free month with a range of events – including an event featuring the Plastic NoNo Band.

Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 11:05 am
Apulstock 2019

Maureen O’Grady, WI climate ambassador, Lavant WI treasurer, Eco-chi volunteer and Apulstock secretary, said: “WI members and climate ambassadors are arranging plastic free events in order to raise awareness of the major issue of plastic pollution in our environment, particularly single-use plastic.

“Over recent years the WI have run various campaigns surrounding plastic pollution eg End Plastic Soup, Fixing Fashion, Micro-plastic Fibre Pollution and Plastic Litter Picks.

“Three plastic free (single-use plastic) drop-in (socially distanced) picnics are being held during the Festival of Chichester in Oaklands Park in the wildflower area and orchard behind Chichester Festival Theatre, which is sponsored by CDC.

“Our aim is to primarily engage with the community; achieve local support for change, educate and signpost what products and services are currently available not using single use plastic; and to highlight how to recycle, reduce and re-use all plastics and to change behaviour: refill, refuse, rent, repair and re-think.

“On Friday, July 2 the Lavant WI, with Eco-chi, are holding their individual plastic free picnic.

“The West Sussex Federation of Women’s Institute (WSFWI) have invited all the WI Climate Ambassadors in WI’s across West Sussex to come to the plastic free picnic in Chichester on Friday, July 9. However, in the light of the Covid-19 restrictions not being lifted it has been suggested that WI’s in West Sussex hold their own plastic free picnics.

The WSFWI are based in North Lodge, Northgate, Chichester.”

Also coming up: “The Apulstock Music Festival (for people with learning disabilities and their families) is holding a plastic free picnic in lieu of an event this year. The Bognor & Chichester Community Award-winning festival was to have held its tenth anniversary in 2020. Sadly it’s been postponed again until Saturday, July 30.

“Mike Fry, of Michael Fry & the Plastic NoNo Band, has written and composed a new song entitled Plastic, which they have recorded and its first live performance will be on Saturday, July 10 at 3pm at the Picnic!”

The Plastic NoNo Band is a cheeky reference to the Plastic Ono Band, a rock band formed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969 for their collaborative and solo projects.

“Also the Chi-cycle team will be present generating power to run previous Apulstock videos and the recent video and single Life’s Like Elastic (Think About All the Plastic) which was made and recorded by Phil Chappell of Music That Explodes With Feeling ready for the recent G7 summit in Cornwall!”

Timings are:

Friday July 2 (12-3pm) – plastic free picnic (single use plastic) – Lavant WI & Eco-chi

Friday, July 9 (12-3pm) – plastic free picnic (single use plastic) – WSFWI climate ambassadors and Eco-chi

Saturday, July 10 2021 (12-4pm) – Apulstock plastic free picnic (single use plastic) musical day (for people with learning disabilities) - Apulstock, Lavant WI and Eco-chi.