Chichester man's celebrity podcast helps raise awareness of autism

A Chichester man is flying the flag for the city and raising awareness of autism with a star-studded podcast.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 4:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 4:32 pm

Lloyd Beck, 27, from Cullum Close, has been working on his podcast for the past two years and, in that time, has interviewed 154 actors and musicians with whom he discussed their route to stardom.

He said: “I have been interviewing guests all around the world since 2019 and it has grown pretty big.

“It has been doing really well but I am still looking to get some awareness out about it.”

As an autistic man, Lloyd is also hoping to raise awareness of the condition in his podcast episodes which, he says, has a therapeutic effect.

“It really helps with my autism because I keep talking to people.

“I don’t have a normal day-to-day job so this has really Podcast raises awareness of autism with celebrity guests helped my career.

“I’m not earning major money from it but it is my life.

“It trains me me up to gain confidence to talk to more people in public.

Lloyd has interviewed ex-EastEnder Shaun Williams, know for his role as Barry, as well as the voice actors behind video game GTA V characters, Franklin and Michael.

He also takes pride in being able to fly the flag for Chichester bringing his city to the attention of some international stars.

“You wouldn’t expect someone from Chichester to be talking to these actors who you wouldn’t expect to know about the area.

“I think it’s quite cool that they have given the town a chance.

“It also lets you have a look into the lives of the stars.”

You can listen to to episodes by searching ‘Lloyd Beck’s Podcast’ on Spotify.

To find out more about the podcast or to get in touch with Lloyd you can email him on: [email protected]