Chichester residents asked to donate haunted items ahead of paranormal museum opening

A paranormal investigator is seeking the help of Chichester residents as he prepared to open a museum of haunted items.

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 2:46 pm

Barry Depp, a paranormal investigator and medium from Portsmouth, said he plans to open a museum of haunted items in Old Portsmouth in the coming months.

He has got the expertise and he has a location but the one thing Barry now needs is donations of items people believe to be haunted.

"We are asking for people to donate their haunted objects or objects we could borrow for the museum," he said.

An example of a Victorian doll. Image by Janice Brown from Pixabay

"We are looking for everything and anything that people believe to be haunted. We would also like a story, for the providence of it, and then it is something that we can investigate."

Two items have been donated so far: a stone from an old church; and a doll that 'moves in the night'.

"One item came from an old church that is no longer there. It was a stone from there and ever since [the donator] had it in his back garden he could hear screaming and banging — he just wants to get rid of it."

The stone is being kept in a box to protect it in the meantime.

The doll, believed to date back to Victorian times, was donated by a family who would allegedly come down stairs to find it had moved.

Do you have any haunted items which might be of interest to Barry? Let him know by emailing [email protected]