Chichester's first certified cat friendly vet has opened

Owners and pets alike will be grinning like Cheshire cats now that Chichester's first cat friendly vet has opened

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 10:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 5:23 pm

Located in Vinnetrow bussiness park in-between Chichester and Merston, the fresh new practice, which has been fully booked since its launch day, houses three consultation rooms and a more informal room for putting animals and owners at ease. It also has an in-house laboratory, dental work, theatre, x-ray and ultrasound rooms.

Natalie Pink, who along with Jenny Heath and Gayle Bardgett set up Huckleberry to be environmentally friendly whilst putting animals needs first. Natalie said: "We are interested in not just looking after animals, but looking after the environment".

The three founders explained that to those ends, Huckleberry have made sure it uses the most environmentally friendly products as possible. Everything from syringes to shelving has been sought out to be kind to the environment, and it has even joined Ecologi to offset its carbon footprint.

Huckleberry Vets

This does not mean the animals are not their first priority however, as Huckleberry is only the Chichester based certified cat friendly practice, and the whole design of the practice is to put animals at ease, for instance consultation rooms are designed to look like a pets favourite place - the kitchen.

The efforts put in to make a friendly environment seems to have paid off, Natalie added: "clients have said that the animals have really responded to the calm and happy atmosphere"

Huckleberry Vets can be found at Vinnetrow Business Park,1 The Courtyard, Vinnetrow Rd, Chichester PO20 1QH or their contact number is: 01243 978808.