Could Summersdale become a conservation area?

Summersdale residents are again pushing for the area to become a conservation area.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 11:17 am
Summersdale. Picture via Google Streetview

The area's residents association have been pushing to get Summersdale conservation status to protect the area from 'unwanted development' and sent a letter to the deputy leader of Chichester District Council, Susan Taylor for a formal application.

Part of the letter to Susan Taylor reads: "We, the Summersdale Residents’ Association, together with the support of the Chichester Society, formally ask you to adopt the Summerdale Neighbourhood Character Appraisal (SNCA) which was originally submitted to Chichester City Council ten years ago.

"We consider that the ten-year delay in considering the document has meant that the population of Summersdale has increased enormously, and that it is important for CDC to save

Summersdale’s environment, before it is destroyed.”

A spokesman for Summersdale Resident Association said the issue has been 'part of our relationship' with Chichester District Council since 1987 when a number of trees were lost during the Great Storm of the same year.

The loss was described by the group as 'a catastrophe' for Chichester and Summersdale.

Concerns were also raised about the protection of the area when, in April this year, a planning application for the demolition of an historic arts and crafts house was permitted and a block of flats allowed to be built in its place.

At a district council meeting in May this year the residents associations character appraisal 'as a matter of urgency'. Read more about the meeting here: Call for Chichester’s Summersdale to be made a conservation areaWhat do you think? Let us know your thoughts by emailing [email protected]