Eight-year-old Sidlesham bee-keeper thanks community for support after thieves steal her hive

An eight-year-old bee-keeper whose hive was stolen this week has thanked the community for its support.

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 9:55 am

Poppy Liddle, 8, from Sidlesham thanked the bee-keeping community for 'making today better' and now more than £1,300 has been fundraised following the theft.

The hive was stolen between Thursday (April 8) and Saturday (10) from Sidlesham and now Poppy's dad and step-mum are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Poppy became interested in bees after learning about them at her school - and after taking a family trip to visit a working apiary in Hayling Island, Poppy decided she wanted to get involved herself.

Poppy with her bees

"She was determined she wanted to keep bees herself," said step-mum Claire Byrne, "she spent her birthday money on seeds and compost and when she shared it on Facebook that she was all excited bee-keepers got in touch and gave her a nucleus of bees.

"You have to look after them carefully over the winter and she spent all winter watching them and making sure the weren't too cold and had enough food. She was really excited when she checked on them to find it full of baby bees.

"As they came up the drive her dad could see that the hive wasn't there. When he realised the hive was gone he got back in the car, drove home and phone the police.

"It is quite a dangerous thing to take if they don't want to get stung. The thieves broke in after cutting through two fences, one of them was electric.

"She was so so brave and just wanted to know that the people to stole the hive would take care of the bees."

She added: "The thieves planned this theft, knew how to avoid the security cameras, and broke through a fence and an electric fence to take them.

"What we are really hoping is that even though they stole the hive, that they take care of the bees. Bad people might not care about the bees and if they die and that would be so very sad."

Addressing her followers on her Facebook page, Poppy said: "This morning my hive was stolen. I was really sad and so was my dad. I thought we wouldn't be bee-keeping any more. We put a post on Facebook and we have had so many messages offering support and encouragement.

"People suggested we set up a Go Fund Me page. Amazingly, people have donated money to help me get started again.

"I want to thank everybody who has helped me to make today better and I was even on V2 Radio.

"We don't know what we are going to do with all the money yet but we would like to help other young bee-keepers.

"Thank you all again and I look forward to sharing by bee-keeping videos with you all again very soon."

Anyone wishing to donate can do so by clicking here.