Fire crews remain at Chichester tip fire

Smoke still issuing from the building yesterday on Wednesday morning.
Smoke still issuing from the building yesterday on Wednesday morning.

More than 37 hours after they were first called to a large fire at Westhampnett tip, fire crews continue to attend the scene.

Fire crews were alerted to the fire at 8.25pm on Tuesday, April 2. Six pumps and an aerial ladder were used to tackle the blaze.

A tweet from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crews are still on the scene of the fire in Stane Street, #Chichester. The Household Waste Recycling site will be closed again today. We will keep you updated throughout the day."

In a statement, Viridor, which manages the Westhampnett Household Waste and Recycling site, the likely cause of the Chichester tip fire could be batteries found in mobile phones, toys, cameras, eCigarettes, and laptops. It added that lithium ion batteries are the main cause of the waste site fires but said the cause 'has not yet been identified'.

Describing the moment he noticed the fire, resident Gavin Argent said: "We looked out of the window and saw this enormous conflagration. It seems as thought there were two seats of fire — one over to the left and one over to the right — massive smoke on the right and a hellish inferno on the left."

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