First peregrine egg is laid at Chichester Cathedral

The peregrines are back at Chichester Cathedral and the first egg has been laid.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 1:18 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:08 am
A screengrab of the female falcon sitting on the first egg, taken from the live feed

Now there is an excited wait to see how many eggs will be laid in the nesting box high up in the cathedral after the first one arrived yesterday.

Last year four falcon chicks hatched and successfully fledged.

However, with extensive repair work currently taking place to the cathedral’s roof and the box moved from a south east turret to a north west turret, there was some uncertainty as to whether the peregrine parents would return.

Four chicks have successfully hatched from the cathedral for the last two years. Photo Luke Dray. SUS-161130-133910001

This is the 18th year there have been peregrine falcons at Chichester Cathedral.

The latest male and female falcons have been back in Chichester since February 12, and the RSPB is working to confirm if it is the same pair as last year.

A ‘nest cam’ is already set up and live and people can watch the action here:

An RSPB representative said that the birds were likely to be seen flying around over the next few days and further eggs are laid and the female will then sit on them to incubate them.

The nesting box has been moved to a different turret because of the roof repairs

The RSPB will again be setting up a viewing and information station on the cathedral grounds, with details to be confirmed.