Fresh application to demolish Chichester nursing home and replace it with modern care home

Abbas Combe Nursing Home in Whyke Road closed in February this year
Abbas Combe Nursing Home in Whyke Road closed in February this year

Revised plans have been submitted to demolish a nursing home and detached bungalow to replace it with a modern 55-bed care home in Chichester.

Abbas Combe at 93-94 Whyke Road closed in February 2018, with its owners Lotus Care Ltd stating that ‘significant investment’ was needed to the building. It was then sold to Cinnamon Care Collection, which runs 12 other homes across the south and the midlands. Read more here

Artist's impression of what the modern 55-bed care home would look like. Photo: Edmund Williams Architects

Artist's impression of what the modern 55-bed care home would look like. Photo: Edmund Williams Architects

However, on September 21 last year, the applicant's agent Edmund Williams Architects announced a withdrawal notice, citing plans to re-submit the application for a similar scale, 55-bed care home on the same site.

Eight months on, Chichester Care Limited has now submitted a fresh application (19/01286/FUL). Its design and access statement reads: "The accommodation proposed is a care home for 55 residents configured to address the needs of elderly and potentially infirm residents with a range of care needs.

"It is presumed that any new build will be limited to 2-3 storeys in height and generally arranged around a centralised courtyard to encourage socialising and to build a community of residents, and create a sheltered area from the noise off the A27.

"It is proposed to create a full new-build care home rather than the part new/part existing scheme as currently approved. This will offer a better solution to issues of neighbour impact while avoiding the compromises and inefficiencies of a hybrid scheme."

The planning statement outlined the applicant's belief that the existing care home is 'not viable'.

It added: "It has only 25 beds and is not up to modern standards. Most bedrooms do not have an ensuite; there is lack of ancillary accommodation etc. Upgrading the care home would require additional extensions to make it viable.

"Nonetheless this would always result in an sub-market standard care home as the original can not fully be transformed into a modern purpose built home. The site is established as a care home site and well connected to transport. It is therefore deemed that a new, purpose built care home is sustainable on this site."

The application has so far received two objection letters.

Whyke Road resident Simon Elliott said the application 'seems to have failed to consider' the safety and community impact concerns raised in the previous application.

He added: "The only update to these is that the Free School is now open and the Whyke Road, Langdale Avenue and Willowbed Drive area is suffering daily from parental parking at drop off/collection times and all day teacher parking.

"Kids from the Free School are walking to/from these roads and crossing Whyke Road outside the care home site. This crossing location, opposite the proposed development access, has poor visibility and the resultant near misses are occurring on a daily basis.

"This adds further weight to my concern that increasing the size of the care home on this site is inappropriate and unsafe. I therefore strongly object to this proposal."

Langdale Avenue resident Jerry Bottrill objected due to the 'unacceptable nature' of the proposed development. He said: "The size, scale and mass of the proposed development is way out of proportion with the surrounding area and local properties in the direct vicinity.

"The proposed development for this massive development will have dangerous access to both the busy Whyke Road and adjoining A27 link road with fast moving traffic."

The deadline for comments on the application is Friday, June 14. Click here to have your say

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