Fuel in Chichester: Freight train drivers unable to get to work

More than 1,500 lorries worth of goods are not turning up as fuel troubles impact freight trains, according to a Chichester driver

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 12:02 pm

A freight train driver has revealed that in one day at his company, 40 drivers could not turn up to deliver their goods due to the ongoing fuel shortages.

Each freight train carries the equivalent of 40 lorries worth of goods, meaning the total amount of goods missing equates to 1,600 lorries not being delivered.

Samuel Prior, of Minerva Heights, Chichester, explained that this has now become a self-perpetuating cycle.

A Chichester based freight train driver unable to get to work because of fuel shortage

Mr Prior, who works for one of the seven freight train companies in the UK, said: "We carry fuel and those trains aren't being driven because the people that deliver the fuel, aren't driving the trains because they cant get to them"

Asked what he thought might be the solution to the issue, Mr Prior added: "I think people just need common sense.

"If they are going into town, if they are going shopping, get the bus for once. Don't drive, use public transport.

"Chichester is pretty well connected with busses, most places have two busses and hour if not more, so there's not really anywhere in Chichester or the south where you could argue that its not possible to get the train or bus."