'Highest award possible' for Chichester toilets at prestigious Loo of the Year Awards

Councillor Tony Dignum dm171436a
Councillor Tony Dignum dm171436a

Three public toilets in Chichester scooped the 'highest award possible' in the Loo of the Year Awards.

Inspectors for the awards rated toilets in Little London, Florence Park and Avenue de Chartres as platinum — the highest award possible.

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Leader of Chichester District Council Tony Dignum said called it 'great' that the toilets were being recognised. Councillor Dignum said: "These awards reflect the hard work and dedication from our officers at the depot, in ensuring that these sites are maintained to a high standard and our Building Services team, who worked hard on the design and layout of the facilities.

"The feedback we received from the inspection report will be very useful in helping us to continue to update and improve our facilities moving forward.”

The Loo of the Year Awards have been identifying the best in Britain since 1987 and are recognised as standard setters for all those who provide ‘away from home’ facilities for staff, customers and visitors.

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Every entry received an unannounced visit from an authorised Loo of the Year Awards Inspector and was assessed against 100 judging criteria – including signage and décor, fixtures and fittings and overall standards of cleanliness and management.

Craig Gershater, executive chairman of Visit Chichester, said “I am absolutely delighted to hear the news about the ‘Loo of the Year Awards’. One of the things I am most struck by in Chichester is the number and cleanliness of our public loos, which from my perspective, are the best in any city I have knowledge of.”

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Colin Hicks, chairman of the Chichester Business Improvement District (BID), said “In these difficult times for the High Street, Chichester businesses are very keen that everything should be done to keep our city accessible and convenient in order to pull maximum visitors our way.

“It’s great to see us getting the highest national recognition for the quality of our public conveniences, which are an essential part of a comfortable visit for our shoppers. Many cities’ public toilets are threatened with closure so it’s great to see Chichester District Council maintaining their public conveniences to this high standard and, as I understand, they have further plans to upgrade other facilities in the city.”

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Every loo receives a grading ranging from Bronze to Platinum and Gold and Platinum winners are short listed for one of a number of National Awards covering England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.