How you can help West Sussex animal home’s work by fostering

The RSPCA's charity shop in Chichester
The RSPCA's charity shop in Chichester

We have linked up with RSPCA animal home Mount Noddy at Chichester to highlight some of their dogs looking for new homes and to publicise the work of the centre.

Here, Mount Noddy reveals the vital work involved with fostering.

Last year RSPCA Mount Noddy took care of over 200 cats and dogs, and this year we are looking to expand the ways in which we are able to care for our animals.

At the beginning of the year the Branch employed a Foster Coordinator for the first time, and now we are ready to build a network of welfare focused volunteer foster homes.

Fostering is a truly unique and rewarding experience.

It provides some of our most in need animals with some rest bite from the rescue centre.

Despite the attentive and highly knowledgeable staff at the centre, it can still be a highly stressful experience for some cats and dogs.

When animals are stressed they do not show us their true character.

Some animals become withdrawn from activities they previously enjoyed and retreat into themselves, whilst others display their stress in a more outward fashion.

Fostering volunteers can reduce, if not totally alleviate this stress by providing a home environment for our animals to stay in.

Opening your home to an RSPCA can really aid the rehoming process.

It allows the staff to understand their true character, and therefore match up animals to new homes with more accuracy.

Fostering is a truly unique way to get involved and help. We are looking for a variety of homes willingly to temporarily care for both cats and dogs.

Our animals come with a variety of needs, so we are looking for a variety of people to get involved.

Some animals may simply need a cuddle on the sofa, others may need time to recover from surgery and younger animals will benefit from consistency that a home environment can provide.

If you would like to be part of this exciting development, or would like more information please get in contact with Leah via email at

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