Ice rink loss 'a nail in the coffin' for Chichester

The announcement that the Priory Park ice rink will not be returning to Chichester has been described as 'a nail in the coffin' for Chichester.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 1:55 pm
DM18113256a.jpg. Opening of Chichester Ice Rink in Priory Park. Photo by Derek Martin Photography.

Many readers expressed their disappointment and the news that the CHiCE ice rink would not be set up in the city this year after the company organising the event, S3K, made the announcement on social media yesterday (Wednesday October 9).

Read the original story here: Chichester ice rink will not return, organisers confirmChrissie Bennett called the news 'another nail in the coffin for Chichester'.

Helen Gilby said: "Such a shame! Not that surprised though — the company was probably totally put off with all the controversy of last years decision.

"Chichester really does need to offer more for families and young people, so stuck in the dark ages sometimes!"

Others were more positive about the decision. John Torch K said: "Good news! I gather residents faced a lot of disruption last year and as we know, it generally attracts the 'wrong sort' to Chichester anyway. Lots of issues with drunks etc. last year. Common sense prevails!"

Many others commented of the lack of festive events in Chichester but a few hours after S3K made the announcement, the Observer revealed the Christmas market would be coming to the city despite uncertainty over the event.

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Christmas market confirmed for Chichester

Kathy Oliver said: "Such a shame, we were really looking forward to it again this year. Brilliant family fun, loved it last year, we went several times. Shame, it would have brought trade to the high street too which is needed greatly!"