Jurassic Park actor spotted in Chichester


Hollywood actor Sam Neill was seen today (Friday November 16) at 2pm walking through the city centre.

Known for his roles in Jurassic Park and PeakyBlinders, Mr Neill is also currently working on a new film where he has been filming at West Wittering beach.

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Mr Neill enjoyed a latté in Coffee Lab in Cathedral Courtyard off Southstreet.

Café manager Ross Shackleford was working when the star came in. He said: "I had to avoid putting on the Jurassic Park theme.

"My colleague was able to take over whilst I had a mini fan girl swoon. Clearly a fan of impeccable taste.

"He seemed to enjoy it but not nearly as much as he enjoyed the brownie."

Ross said he is a 'huge fan' of the Jurassic Park films — "I haven't seen anything else really."

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