Mystery Selsey sea creature: Have you seen one?

After a picture of a strange sea creature being found on Selsey beach emerged, Observer readers have given their ideas about what it could be and how common the animals actually are.

Monday, 28th October 2019, 12:32 pm
Steve Cox took a picture of this animal and said they are a 'common sight'

Lillian Jones and her daughter Martha Chapman came across the intriguing blob-like animal while walking their dog on Selsey beach on October 12.

Observer readers have shared their experiences of similar animals washed up on our beaches with some saying the occurrences are more common than first thought.

Judith O'Sullivan said: "Saw the skeleton of something like this in Wittering beach recently."

Ashley Pledger captured the image of this animal.

Linda Otto said: "Look's like a jellyfish we get here. I call them blue blubbers. We get them by the thousands."

Ashley Pledge said: "Not that off or unusual to see them on the beach here in Selsey.

"There's been a few wash up on the beaches around here this year, but not uncommon as have seen them wash up previous years too."

Michelle Tinkler said: "It's bound to be related to the trawlers off the coast. Which I believe should be banned."

The animal found by Lillian and Martha on October 12.

This is not the first time strange animals have ended up on Sussex beaches. Read more about other incidents from our sister titles here: