New Goodwood partnership for Midhurst dog assistance charity


Goodwood has announced a two-year partnership with Heyshott-based charity Canine Partners.

The charity, which trains assistance dogs for disabled people, was chosen by Goodwood staff as their charity for 2019 and 2020 and will benefit from fundraising at Goodwood events as well as providing volunteering opportunities for all Goodwood employees.

The Duke of Richmond said: “Our aim is to help transform the lives of as many people as possible by supporting the breeding and training of these remarkable assistance dogs.”

In addition to internal fund-raising efforts, Goodwood aims to raise money at events open to all its members, as well as to the public.

“We are very excited about this fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and generate vital funds,” said Jackie Staunton, chairman of trustees for Canine Partners.

Nicola Hopkins, assisted by canine partner Flora, added: “This will be fundamental in helping to transform lives like mine. An assistance dog changes your life in ways you don’t ever expect or imagine. Flora has been key to me regaining my independence – not just opening doors literally but also metaphorically, giving me confidence to live my life to the full.”