New lighting project set for Chichester's Litten Gardens

The Council House, North Street
The Council House, North Street

Councillors voted in favour of a lighting project in Litten Gardens yesterday (Wednesday December 6).

The motion was recommended to the city council in October and was presented to the full council by city and district councillor Tony Dignum.

Councillor Dignum said: “We’ve done a wonderful lot of work in the Litten Gardens, we have tidied up the central area, refurbished the war memorial, we’ve made this wonderful sculpture and now, just to complete it, we want some decent lighting leading to our excellent areas.”

The project would see £28,578.91 allocated from community infrastructure levy (CIL) receipts for the lighting project at the gardens.

A CIL is a tool for local authorities to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of an area.

Councillor Jane Kilby said: “I think, as councillor Dignum said, the works that have been done so far in the gardens have really enhanced and opened up a beautiful area of the city and this is the final project to bring it to fruition for all the citizens of Chichester so I thoroughly support it.”

The issue of light pollution and losing the ability to see stars in the park was also raised.

Councillor Richard Plowman said: “Around Priory Park, New Park and also Litten Gardens, it’s quite a dark area in the city. We noticed that when we did the Priory Park 100 when we had the astronomy day and night so it was very clear then.

“All I am saying is: Perhaps in the design of these we make sure that there is very little vertical release of light that it could all spread downwards. It can be very easily done by the design of it.”