New 'top class' outdoor gym opens in Fishbourne

Residents enjoying the equipment
Residents enjoying the equipment

A new outdoor gym is up and running in Fishbourne thanks to a joint project from the parish council and Fishbourne Playing Fields Association.

The eight pieces of equipment, including balance beams, cross trainer, and air skier were bought by Fishbourne Parish Council with money from a New Homes Bonus and has been set up on land owned by the Fishbourne Playing Fields Association.

The New Homes Bonus is money which is given to areas that have been affected by new house to be spent on improvement within the community.

Residents will be able to use the outdoor gym for free.

The chairman of Fishbourne Parish Council, Geoff Hand, said: "Everyone is more aware of the need to stay healthy and active, and this equipment means that everyone is the village now has free access to top class facilities. And because it's outdoors, people will get plenty of fresh air too."