Opening of Ava Scarlett Beauty transforms life of Bognor single mum

Ava training clients
Ava training clients

When entrepreneur Ava Reeves found herself a young single parent, she struggled financially until she made a life-changing decision to pursue a new passion.

Ava, 23, started her business, Ava Scarlett Beauty, in her spare room after completing several beauty courses.

The studio at Ava Scarlett Beauty

The studio at Ava Scarlett Beauty

But, as business got busier, she opened a beauty studio and training academy in Chichester with employed staff.

Ava Scarlett Beauty delivers professional beauty services including eyelash extension services, brow treatments, nail treatments and waxing.

Alongside attending to a long list of regular clients, Ava offers training courses to people from all over the UK and regularly hosts empowering events for women and inspiring business entrepreneurs.

Ava said: “We are all about supporting women, encouraging women to step out of their comfort zone to chase their dreams and helping women find a career they’re passionate about that enables them to create the life they want and deserve.”

Some of the Beauty Banks donations

Some of the Beauty Banks donations

Despite raising two young children and running the studio, Ava and her team are determined to help as many charities as they can,

The business now supports Beauty Banks, a non-profit charity which collects personal care and beauty items for those who need them.

Running a Beauty Banks ‘drop spot’ at the studio not only helps the community support those in need but also enables everyone who makes a donation to enter a competition to win a free treatment of their choice.

Ava said: “I want to help as many charities as I can and really pay back to the community.

“Me and my team have so many ideas to put into action and I cannot wait to see them all develop.”

Roxy Gaworek, a lash, nail and brow artist at the studio, joined the team last year after completing training with Ava.

Roxy said: “I absolutely love working at Ava Scarlett Beauty and Ava inspires me to keep working hard and follow my dreams.”

People from all over the UK have travelled to Ava’s studio, based on Terminus Road, Chichester.

Beauty therapist Emma Louise came down from her Derbyshire salon for a personally-tailored mentoring lesson with Ava for the day.

She said: “Ava is literally the most helpful person you could wish to meet and the training has filled me with so much confidence and positivity.”

For more on Beauty Banks and the kind of products you can donate at a drop spot, visit