Oving and North Mundham residents condemn plans for new homes in Runcton

Over 30 residents condemned plans to build up to 87 new dwellings in Runcton.

Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 3:42 pm
An artist's interpratation of the proposed developments in Runcton.

At a meeting of over 30 residents from Oving and North Mundham held at the Oving Jubilee Hall on November 15, 2021, there was unanimous condemnation of proposals to build up to 113 houses on a plot of land known as Charmans Field in Runcton as set out in planning application 21/02573/FUL.

Oving Parish Councillor Duncan Marston, who is chairman of the planning committee, invited comments on Oving’s statement of objections dated October 18, 2021. Posted on CDC’s (Chichester District Council) planning website, these consist of concerns about traffic, access to schools and doctors’ surgeries, flooding, sewage disposal, loss of agricultural land and protection of the Old Canal route.

There was particular concern about the additional traffic the development would generate on the B2166 Lagness Road. Already there is insufficient screening of noise from HGVs.

There would be a major impact on the narrow Marsh Lane rat run with its blind corners which was already a grave safety risk to residents of Merston and indeed all users of the road.

On cue that same evening there was an accident in Marsh Lane with a van veering into a ditch and breaking a telegraph pole in two causing the road to be closed for two hours.

During the meeting further objections were raised that were seen to be of material importance in assessing the proposals such as: The development could overwhelm the community both in Runcton and Merston.

It would for example increase the size of Runcton by 50 per cent.

Due of the flat and open site, the visibility of Marsh Lane and Lagness Road would be significantly altered.

Heritage assets, in particular the Grade 1 listed St Giles Church would be within the visual impact of the development.

Perhaps the biggest concern that has already been raised by CDC’s Conservation Officer, formally commenting on the proposal, was that the development would

remove the visual separation between the green houses and the village.

Indeed, the north side of Lagness Road from Runcton Farm shop would be of continuous built form.

The meeting ended with questions as to when the proposal would go to committee and what further opportunities there would be to speak.