Podcast started by Bognor Regis couple has nearly 1,500 followers

The Court Case Podcast, hosted by James Court, 25, and girlfriend Tiegan Yates, 20, has garnered an impressive following since it started last October.

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 10:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 11:23 am

The podcast sees Mr Court and Miss Yates apply their idiosyncratic charisma and natural chemistry to a variety of unique, controversial and thought-provoking news stories. With new episodes releasing every Friday, the co-hosts , alongside a ‘jury’ of special guests, have delivered verdicts on everything from Dubai influencers to the moon landings.

Mr Court used to work as a covering producer for Capital FM in Brighton and, when the radio station shut down last year, he decided on podcasting as the best way to keep his broadcast skills sharp: “I was out of work, I didn’t know what to do and then the pandemic hit. I tried a little bit of Twitch streaming and I quite enjoyed that, but I kept thinking ‘radio and audio, that’s my jam.’ So that’s when I came up with the idea for the podcast.”

Co-host ‘Sweet-Tee’, Mr Court’s girlfriend, was originally only supposed to be a guest, but early listeners loved their instant chemistry: “We released the first episode and I showed it to my family, friends and radio mates and they were like ‘your chemistry’s really great. You should keep her on all the time.’ So that’s what we did,” He said.

James Court and Teigan Yates, co-hosts of The Court Case Podcast

That rapport is one part of The Court Case Podcast’s winning formula. The other, Mr Court says, is his choice of subject matter. “We try to bring stories to people they might not have necessarily heard about, so, when they’re around the water cooler at the office, they can bring something to their friends that they probably wouldn’t have heard of,” he said.

That’s a philosophy Mr Court has stuck to with the podcast’s upcoming special guest: Jeffrey Deskovic an exonerated prisoner who was wrongly jailed for the rape and murder of a sixteen year old girl. He now works as a lawyer, helping other wrongfully convicted people and the interview should be released this Friday.

“He actually contacted us.” Mr Court says, “He was like ‘I want to come on your podcast and tell my story.’’ It was really humbling.”

To find out more about The Court Case Podcast and find out about new episodes when they release every week, visit The Court Case Podcast website, or tune in on spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.