Selsey agricultural building into ten homes plan deferred

News. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150807-174836001
News. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150807-174836001

A plan to create ten dwellings out of a building that is currently used as agricultural workers accommodation has been deferred for a site visit.

The application looked to change the use of the site at Home Farm, Selsey, however councillors expressed concerns over losing the ‘needed’ agricultural building.

Speaking in objection to the plan, a representation for Selsey Town Council said: “There is no need for ten open market units.

“We are already 180 per cent over our allocation for homes up to 2029.

“There are also safety concerns here – it is a large site for tractors and the homes may bring in residents who may not know what to expect from an agricultural farm area.

Councillor Patricia Tull said: “I find this application very strange.

“Yes we know there is a need for agricultural workers and this is removing that.

“I really fail to see what market this is going to attract. There is not outside space.

“They are not needed in terms of small dwellings.”

Meanwhile, councillor Graeme Barrett said that the dwellings would most likely be used as holiday homes and would be ‘rarely used’.

Councillor Jane Kilby said: “I too am concerned with the thought of losing the agricultural buildings but I am struggling to find a reason to refuse it.”

Councillor Purnell proposed the application to be deferred for a site visit, which was then seconded and approved by the planning committee on Wednesday.