Street artist responds after his work, King of Cats, is painted over in Chichester

Belgian artist Joachim at work painting King of Cats in North Pallant
Belgian artist Joachim at work painting King of Cats in North Pallant

The artist of the King of Cats street art which was painted over this week, said he has been ‘inundated’ with support from Chichester residents.

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Joachim, who is from Belgium, visited the city last year when he painted his mural on a blank wall in North Pallant.

The street art was painted over a year after it received complaints from some residents saying the art 'attracted antisocial behaviour'.

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The Observer then asked the council for the list of reason which it published the same day.

He said: "I know cats can cause all sorts of trouble but to put the blame on a wider social problem on my mural of the King of Cats is just incomprehensible.

"Across many cities over the world, street art has been known to make a positive impact on a city by further enhancing the city’s cultural status on a global level, bringing further tourism opportunities to the area in the process.

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"I know this view is only represented by a small minority of people as in the meantime I have been inundated with messages of support from the lovely people of Chichester who were very disappointed to see this much loved mural disappear and have also asked me to come back.

"Thanks again to the people of Chichester for making me feel at home!

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"I will be watching the outcome of the Chichester Observer poll so watch this space!"

Joachim referred to a poll on the Chichester Observer's Facebook page asking if readers preferred the blank wall or Joachim's painting.