Students learn from Chichester homeless charity

A Chichester homeless charity has been able to share and insight into a rough-sleeper's world and gain support from a broader public following a school visit.

Friday, 8th November 2019, 1:27 pm
Donna Ockenden (seated), Mrs Taylor (standing, head of charities at Portsmouth High School) and sixth form house captains and deputy house captains

Founder of Chichester's Four Streets Project, Donna Ockenden, attended Portsmouth High School and told students 'don't walk by' as well as explaining the best ways homeless people can be helped.

Students were motivated to collect tins of soup and chocolate at their Harvest Festival in September following an assembly given by Donna.

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Homelessness in Chichester on the rise, charity says

"Eighty of them live in Chichester district according to recent statistics. The likelihood of homeless people dying before they reach the age of 44 is very high.

The charity started in 2016 when her two daughters, Caitlin and Phoebe were walking every day to and from the station. Caitlin was in the process of taking part in her Duke of Edinburgh Award at Portsmouth High School and the family became acutely aware of the escalating situation.

"One evening 2016 a man called out and said 'help us, we are really hungry', so we divided up our supper that night and took it out to the group. We have never missed a night since then.

"With the help of 30 volunteers, we have never missed a night. We hope to not only feed the homeless but give them back a little bit of dignity and respect."