Sussex photographer on painting the Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day

Watching the royal wedding back in May the image of a bridal Meghan Markle caught the imagination of photographer and painter Derek Martin.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 9:32 am
Updated Monday, 1st October 2018, 4:04 pm

Derek said: “I watched the wedding on TV and really enjoyed it. I thought it was so modern, inclusive and full of optimism.

“As an artist and photographer, I loved the many wonderful images captured with such stunning clarity by the TV cameras. Ironically it was this very unclear image of Meghan pausing at the entrance to St. George’s Chapel, that stuck in my mind. Not even her veil could hide the ‘Markle Sparkle’.

“I knew capturing it on canvas was going to be a challenge and was pleasantly surprised with the result.”

Duchess of Sussex Picture: Derek Martin

The painting took Derek a day to complete after careful observation of the way the sunlight caught the veil and the ‘subtle tones hidden beneath’.

Based in Thakeham, Derek has taken up painting again after a 40-year break which saw him work for local newspapers as a photographer.

The Duchess of Sussex isn’t the first royal that Derek has captured on canvas.

“In 2017 I painted the Queen after photographing her for the Chichester Observer on her visit to Chichester Festival Theatre,” Derek said.

Derek Martin

“She looked straight at me, allowing me time to take the picture. I suspect she knew the light would be flattering.

“To try to achieve a true likeness is the exciting thing about portrait painting and I think I succeeded with this one. So to paint arguably the world’s most famous woman from my own photograph of her looking straight at me has been a joy.”

In relation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming visit Derek thinks it is ‘great’.

“I hope Meghan - the first ever Duchess of Sussex - gets to see some of the best of this lovely county,” he said.

DM1842689aa.jpg Artist/photographer Derek Martin. The Queen painted from the artist's own photograph. Photo by Derek Martin Photography.

And he hopes to paint them again.

“I would love to paint Meghan again and other royals. Those I’ve done have attracted a lot of interest.

“I’m looking forward to my first royal commission.”

Alongside his painting of animals and people Derek is also offering painted portraits of brides.

To see more of Derek’s work visit his Facebook page

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